You Are in Good Hands!

We provide our long-term business partners as well as the broader industry with critical textile components as well as precision braided textiles. We are viewed as a technology enabler across a wide range of technical textile platforms.

We stand behind the products and services we provide and are counted on for our textile know-how wherever industry intersects with high performance fibers.

Manufacturing Critical Textile Components For Partners Who Care!

Our business is vibrant. We are a thriving global producer of precision engineered textiles and textile-based products. From its inception, our company has maintained a strong focus on emerging technologies in textiles.

From exploration, to collaboration to discovery, we work hard to deliver clear competitive advantages for our customers and development partners.

The Future is Bright!

We compete in many different industries across several distinct business segments. In the year 2000, the textile industry in the USA experienced significant downturns in production demand as a result of major industries moving production to China and other low-cost countries. Our products are differentiated and our service levels are extremely high. Gratefully, many development partners and customers rely on us and trust us to help them achieve their growth strategy faster and with less risk.

We Are Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants!

Founded in 1817, in Cincinnati, OH and presently headquartered in Covington KY. We are proud of our 200 years of textile expertise, adapting and mastery. We are arguably the most diverse technical textile manufacturer in North America.

Celebrate with Us!

Officially we will celebrate with the Atkins & Pearce family on June 24th, 2017. We will take every opportunity throughout the year to update our constituencies as we power past the Bicentennial mark of our manufacturing in America! Follow Atkins & Pearce on social media to stay up to date with the latest anniversary activities. We also encourage you to join in the conversation and share your Atkins & Pearce stories via social media using the hashtag #AP200.