Atkins & Pearce Wick Ordering

Test each Candle System with the wick you will be ordering BEFORE placing your order. Please visit the National Candle Association website for candle testing and safety information.

Allow 3-4 weeks for your order to be shipped. Many times, stock levels allow for very expedient shipments. Your order can be shipped once payment has been received.

Our cost of material does not include freight.

Before Ordering:


As you know, the final quality and burn performance of your candle product is ultimately your responsibility. We strongly urge that you do exhaustive testing for each of your candle systems to ensure that you have selected the optimal wick for your specific formulation. You should burn a minimum of ten candles to secure accurate test data that is representative of a system in production. Any changes to your formulation (however insignificant) after your initial testing would necessitate retesting.

After you have determined which wick burns optimally in your candle system, please note the following. In every case we strive to ship your order sooner than the date noted on your order confirmation. Many times, stock levels in our warehouse allow for very expedient shipments. Blanket orders are always welcome, in that they provide you with more predictable ship dates and quantities.

Please visit the National Candle Association website for more candle testing and safety information.


Testing should be conducted under careful observation in an area away from combustible materials. Safety glasses should be worn at all times. Avoid contact with flame, fuel pool, or other surfaces that may be hot. Keep clothing, hair, etc. from contact with the flame.

The burn area should be well ventilated and a Class B or Class ABC fire extinguisher should be readily available. Never leave a burning candle unattended. When dictated by the nature of the candle system, use appropriate flame resistant candle holders making sure that the candle fits properly into the holder.

*Do not burn in drafts. When directed, keep wick trimmed to 1/4”.
*Always keep children and pets safely away from burning candles.

General Raw Wick Information:

A current price list can be obtained through your customer service representative.

Ship Dates:
If the material is in stock we will ship your order on the next business day. If we do not have the material in stock we will receive a ship date from our schedulers and at that time we can discuss partial shipments.

Store all raw and treated wicks in a humidity-controlled environments. For more information on the proper storage of wicks, contact a customer relationship manager, and we will forward a few helpful hints to consider when storing excess wick.

Placing your order:

Purchase Orders:

On the purchase order please include your customer information, the item requested, quantity and delivery date you need the material by. We will always push to have the order ship before the date requested. If you do not want the item shipped until a certain date please note that on the purchase order.

Verbal Orders:

We no longer accept verbal purchase orders over the phone however, we still accept orders from our customers by fax 859-356-2395 or email.

By Fax Or Email:

Please fax or email your purchase orders to 859-356-2395, email wicks@atkinsandpearce.com.

Rush Orders:

To rush an order you’ve placed by fax/email please email with your company name, date of order, purchase order number and the item that needs to be rushed.

Sample Sets Orders Rush Fee: $5.00

Blanket Orders:

Are orders that have been spaced out for delivery based on understood usage and need. Many customers place blanket orders for certain items they know they’ll need during the busiest time of the year. This allows us to use time more efficiently as well as get you the material you need, when you need it most. Speak to your customer service representative if you have any questions regarding this option.

Order Confirmations:

All orders are confirmed via email within 48 hours of receipt of order.

Double check all order confirmations for accuracy. If customer service doesn’t hear from you regarding changes to your order, information or shipping method your order will be placed into production and completed per this information.

Packing Lists:

At the customers request packing lists are faxed on day of shipment to verify ship date and carrier’s confirmation number.

Shipping and Handling (for international customers):

For complete terms and conditions click here.
All freight is collect: EX-WORKS COVINGTON, KY USA
For your convenience UPS shipments can be prepaid by Atkins & Pearce and added to your invoice.

Shipping Quotes and Carriers (Domestic and International customers):

We look for the best price to ship your items. We are happy to get freight quotes for you. If you have a preference please let your customer service representative know at the time of your order.

Terms of Payment for Faxed of Emailed Orders:

We take Visa, MasterCard and American Express as valid forms of payment. After you submit your initial order, our Customer Service Manager will be contacting you for your payment information. This will only need to be done for your first order.

Changes To Your Order or Cancellation:

Once shipments are prepared for release, you are required to notify Atkins & Pearce in writing of any further changes in shipping instructions per the order confirmation. Any changes made on or after the scheduled ship date will be subject to a 15% processing fee. Please read the terms and conditions regarding our cancellation policy.

For further information, please contact your Customer Service Manager at wicks@atkinsandpearce.com.


The Heart of Great Candles

Atkins & Pearce wicks are at the heart of great candles. At Atkins & Pearce we believe that the wick is the heart of the candle system and feel a real sense of pride in supplying our customers with that one best wick that suits each and every one of their needs. Over the past 150 years we’ve perfected our wick manufacturing process and offer an expansive wick selection to fit each customer’s unique needs.

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