Candle System Optimization™

Atkins & Pearce offers complimentary wicking and testing services allowing candle manufacturers to make correct wick placement efficient and pain-free.

Please contact our wick specialist to arrange CSO testing for your candle systems:

Candle System Optimization Process


We discuss your desired burn objectives. We identify any major burn issues you are experiencing and create a strategy to address them during our testing procedure.

CSO Lab Testing

You send us candles for optimization testing. Our candle specialist elects the best wick options for your candle system, tests wicks in your sample candles, and records performance data.

Product Recommendations

Based on performance results, our candle specialist will provide the one best wick for your candle system.

If your specifications require a wick outside of our standard line, we will modify or customize a wick to fit your needs.


The Heart of Great Candles

Atkins & Pearce wicks are at the heart of great candles. At Atkins & Pearce we believe that the wick is the heart of the candle system and feel a real sense of pride in supplying our customers with that one best wick that suits each and every one of their needs. Over the past 150 years we’ve perfected our wick manufacturing process and offer an expansive wick selection to fit each customer’s unique needs.

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