Wick Development and Customization

Do you have an idea for candle optimization that you’d like help developing? Are you looking for a specific wick characteristic such as a cotton jacket with a rayon core? Or just don’t see the wick you need in our standard line? Atkins & Pearce will help you modify an existing wick or develop a new wick particular to your needs.

Contact our wick department to inquire about modifying and customizing wicks.


Our Modification and Customization Process


As your development partner, we begin by defining your wick development objectives and priorities. We want to hear exactly what you wish to accomplish for your candle system. We then explore a range of customization options together and establish which ideas will move forward into development.


After exploring customization options, our wick specialist will work to design and produce wick prototypes to your agreed specifications.


You will then have the option to trial your wick samples in your own facility or through Atkins & Pearce’s Candle System Optimization™ testing lab. We communicate about testing results, costing, and performance. We discuss any desired adjustments for further samples.


When you have found your perfect wick, Atkins & Pearce facilitates the transition from development to production. With over 13,000 braiders, we have the capacity to easily move from sample volumes to full-scale production.


The Heart of Great Candles

Atkins & Pearce wicks are at the heart of great candles. At Atkins & Pearce we believe that the wick is the heart of the candle system and feel a real sense of pride in supplying our customers with that one best wick that suits each and every one of their needs. Over the past 150 years we’ve perfected our wick manufacturing process and offer an expansive wick selection to fit each customer’s unique needs.

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