Helix™ Wick

Helix is one of Atkins & Pearce’s newest candle wicks. Engineered by braiding two Aroma-lite™ wicks, it was developed to burn in sometimes difficult candle systems with high levels of fragrance. Helix came along to aid in mostly vegetable wax formulations. It can be difficult as a one wick system to achieve large wax pools, however this problem is overcome with the braiding of two wicks together. Reinforced with a paper core the product has a style and performance different than any other wick on the market.


  • Constructed of 100% natural fibers.
  • Designed for candle systems with a high level of fragrance.
  • Ideal for one wick systems that require a large wax pool.

Rate Chart

Flame HT - cm (in)ROC - g/hr (oz/hr)Wax Pool - cm (in)Yields - yds/lbTotal # of Ends
HELIX-15.13 (2.02)6.24 (0.22)5.76 (2.27)386n/a
HELIX-35.10 (2.01)5.39 (0.19)6.15 (2.42)321n/a
HELIX-55.49 (2.16)6.52 (0.23)6.22 (2.45)279n/a
HELIX-7.55.97 (2.35)7.09 (0.25)6.48 (2.55)235n/a
HELIX-106.05 (2.38)7.09 (0.25)6.96 (2.74)190n/a
HELIX-156.50 (2.56)6.80 (0.24)6.76 (2.66)168n/a
HELIX-206.68 (2.63)8.22 (0.29)7.92 (3.12)146n/a
HELIX-256.58 (2.59)7.37 (0.26)7.32 (2.88)140n/a
HELIX-306.32 (2.49)6.52 (0.23)7.21 (2.84)133n/a
HELIX-356.58 (2.59)7.09 (0.25)7.09 (2.79)123n/a
HELIX-406,05 (2.38)7.37 (0.26)7.44 (2.93)117n/a
HELIX-506.07 (2.39)7.09 (0.25)7.04 (2.77)116n/a
HELIX-606.63 (2.61)8.22 (0.29)7.52 (2.96)108n/a


The rate charts provided in this catalog are meant to serve only as a guide for our customers to assist them in wick selection. Many variables exist in candle wax types, additives and formulations for individual candle systems. Final wick selection should always be confirmed through the customer's own testing process to determine if a particular wick is the correct choice for a particular candle system. Atkins & Pearce is not responsible for selections made by the customer using any of the reference material contained in this catalog. For optimal burn performance in specific candle systems, we strongly recommend that customers conduct exhaustive burn tests in their own burn lab and consider retaining samples for their future internal reference. The importance of candle testing and data validation cannot be overstated.


The Heart of Great Candles

Atkins & Pearce wicks are at the heart of great candles. At Atkins & Pearce we believe that the wick is the heart of the candle system and feel a real sense of pride in supplying our customers with that one best wick that suits each and every one of their needs. Over the past 150 years we’ve perfected our wick manufacturing process and offer an expansive wick selection to fit each customer’s unique needs.

Technical Data Sheet

Helix™ Wick

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