Precision Packaged Yarns

Atkins & Pearce is a full service yarn converter capable of custom braid and fiber solutions for a wide range of textile applications. We understand that fiber selection is critical to engineering textile solutions. Our engineers leverage their extensive knowledge of yarns to design products that meet exacting customer specifications. And our registered ISO manufacturing process allows us to deliver the same high quality in tandem with one of the largest capacities in the world.

The key to our quality and consistency is the way we control each of these phases of the production process:


Individual yarns are uptwisted to preserve bundle integrity.


Uptwisted yarns are plied together in the opposite direction to create a balanced structure.


Plied yarns are slowly and tightly wound onto braider packages for specific use on our, or our customers, various braiders.


Yarns are braided into their finished products, whether they be sleeving, cord, or something completely different.

By controlling each step of the manufacturing process, we are able to consistently produce high quality materials designed to meet precise standards on a mass scale.

Yarn performance can also be enhanced through our post-yarn processing capabilities. By adding surface treatments or coatings, Atkins & Pearce can add value to engineered yarns by modifying properties and customizing attributes to meet specific needs such as; UV resistance, abrasion resistance, and slip control among others.

Our quality, consistency, capacity, fiber expertise and technical manufacturing capabilities honed over seven generations pay dividends for the customer and are the reasons why people seek us out to solve their most difficult problems.

Atkins & Pearce’s Material Expertise Includes:

Fiberglass (E, C, S-2)Texturized FiberglassSilica
AramidsPET (Polyester)PEN (Polyethylene Naphthalate)
MylarLiquid Crystal PolymerCommingled & Coated Yarns


Yarn Availability

Bulk Package Yarns

Atkins & Pearce houses more than 6000 yarn processing spindles to convert single yarns into more complex structures. Twisting and plying processes add strength, diameter & “build” to the yarn. Available on cones, pirns, or tubes from 1-20 pounds per package.

Braider Tubes

Yarns precision wound on tubes for your internal braiding process. Let us use our vast experience with braiding to help you choose the yarn type and construction best suited for your application. Sized to fit “Rotary” or “Maypole” type braiders.

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