Why Are SEO Sling Yarns Better?

Dyneema® enjoys the reputation of being “the world’s strongest fiber™.” Special handling is required in all downstream processes to preserve the theoretical strength efficiencies innately found in Dyneema® and other high performance fibers. SEO Optimized Sling Yarns™ by Atkins & Pearce are specifically engineered to target the optimal strength efficiency for high performance sling yarns.

Building the most efficient and reliable high-performance round slings require three important considerations:

• Dyneema® High Performance Fiber

• Optimized Yarn

• Adaptive Sling Manufacturing

The Industry Trusts Slings Made with Dyneema®

Atkins & Pearce has been twisting, braiding and converting most of DSM Dyneema’s fine denier products since the early 1990s. As a result of processing millions of pounds of Dyneema®, Atkins & Pearce has developed unique skills and “know-how” around the special processing required to acheive the optimal performance of Dyneema®.

Today’s round sling equipment and manufacturing platforms were largely optimized for producing polyester round slings. It is Atkins & Pearce’s intention to work with individual sling makers and rigging shops who want to improve the efficiency of their high performance synthetic round slings. The results of our individual efforts to optimize processing and fiber handling with a smaller set of manufacturing part­ners will create lasting value.

Through mutual collaboration and extensive trials using SEO yarns from Atkins & Pearce, round sling makers will grow in appreciation of the Dyneema® “know-how” developed and nurtured right here in America’s heartland.

Let us help you bring your high-value products to their fullest potential more rapidly and with high levels of quality!