Why Atkins & Pearce?

Experience & Expertise

Atkins & Pearce, Inc. is America’s oldest large scale braiding company. For seven generations, we have manufactured technical textiles, candlewick, fish line, electrical sleeving and tubing, and other customized fiber products for markets including electrical, electronics, transportation, outdoor sports and recreation, candle, telecommunication, aerospace, medical, lighting, defense, marine, and more. Serving a diverse range of industries for almost 200 years, Atkins & Pearce offers clients unparalleled textile quality and expertise.

Optimized Operations

Our vertically integrated manufacturing platforms, commitment to domestic manufacturing, and knowledgeable customer service team provide our clients with an optimized supply chain, total cost efficiency, and always-accessible technical support.


We strive to be a highly reliable, long-term partner willing to commit capital, expertise and excellence in execution. By doing this we materially enhance our customers’ ability to achieve their growth strategy faster and with less risk. Atkins & Pearce has earned a reputation as a company that responds quickly to customer needs, supports clients’ growth objectives, and innovates around market demand.

What Makes Us a Great Partner?

‣We have 200 years of fiber processing experience.
‣We are experts at building and optimizing manufacturing platforms.
‣We can quickly deploy capital when necessary.
‣We strategize around long-term growth goals.
‣We offer personal customer support whenever needed.
‣We have integrity!

Contact us to find out how we can partner in your success. 1-800-837-7477.