Extendo® Expandable Sleeving and Textile Wrap

Atkins & Pearce is your expandable sleeving manufacturer. We have proudly been manufacturing a wide line of expandable monofilament braids for over 30 years and look forward to continuing to play an integral part in the market.

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General Purpose
Extra Coverage
Scissor Cut
Thin Wall
Heavy Duty
Flame Retardant
Scissor Cut
Textile Wrap
 PET IMG_1593 cleaned
Extendo PET
Expandable braided polyester that offers a high expansion ratio and excellent mechanical abrasion resistance.
Extendo PET TW
Expandable braided polyester with a tightly braided construction that increases coverage, wear factor, and security in any type of harness or cable bundle.
 PET No Fray IMG_1602-cleaned
Extendo PET NF
Expandable braided polyester with no fray design that is field ready and resists fraying when scissor cut.
Extendo PET Lite
Expandable braided polyester produced with a smaller monofilament that allows for overall weight reduction.
 IMG_1596 cleaned FR No Fray
Extendo PET HD
Expandable braided polyester that offers the highest level of abrasion resistance.
Extendo PET FR
Expandable braided polyester that offers a high expansion ratio, excellent mechanical abrasion resistance and flame retardancy.
 FR Scissor Cut Halar
Extendo PET FR NF
Expandable braided polyester no fray design that is field ready and resists fraying when scissor cut.  Also has flame retardant properties.
Extendo Guard HT
Expandable braided ECTFE is ideal for use where high temperature, flammability and low outgassing are primary concerns.
 Nylon 66 PPS
Extendo N66
Expandable braided nylon that offers outstanding fluid resistance and superior abrasion resistance.
Extendo PPS
Expandable braided PPS light weight sleeve provides high chemical and heat tolerance.
 PFA High Performance PPS
Extendo PFA
Expandable braided PFA that offers high flame, chemical and temperature resistance.
Enclose Textile Wrap
Enclose Self-Closing Sleeving for convenient and quick installation and assembly.