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Classic Wick


Atkins & Pearce Classic Wick, also referred to as flat, regular or ply, is commonly used in tapers and pillars. This wick provides a slight curl when burning, which helps reduce carbon build-up throughout the life of the candle system. The main applications are dipped and extruded candles. Various chemical treatments can be used to enhance the burn qualities of these 100% natural wicks.

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  • Provides a slight curl when burning to reduce carbon build-up.
  • Designed for dipped and extruded candles.
  • Constructed from 100% natural fibers.

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Wick Suggestions

Definitions Extra Small Small Medium Large Extra Large
Containers Less than 1″ 1″-2″ 2″-3″ 3″-4″ 5″ & Up
Votives 1″-1 1/2″ 1 1/2″-2 1/2″
Pillars Less than 1″ 1″-2″ 2″-3″ 3″-4″ 5″ & Up
Tapers 3/16″-1/2″ 1/2″-3/4″ 3/4″-7/8″


Rate Chart

Wick Flame HT  ROC   Wax Pool  Containers Pillars Votives Tapers
cm (in) g/hr (oz/hr) cm (in)
9 REGULAR 2.06 (0.81) 2.96 (0.10) 4.03 (1.59) small small small small
12 REGULAR 2.52 (0.99) 3.68 (0.13) 4.29 (1.69) small small small small
15 REGULAR 3.30 (1.30) 4.92 (0.17) 4.73 (1.86) medium small small small
18 REGULAR 3.61 (1.42) 5.40 (0.19) 4.90 (1.93) medium small medium medium
21 REGULAR 3.63 (1.43) 5.43 (0.19) 4.92 (1.94) medium medium medium medium
24 REGULAR 3.79 (1.49) 5.68 (0.20) 5.00 (1.97) medium medium medium
27 REGULAR 3.79 (1.49) 5.68 (0.20) 5.00 (1.97) medium medium medium
30 REGULAR 3.94 (1.55) 5.96 (0.21) 5.09 (2.00) medium medium
36 REGULAR 4.41 (1.74) 6.67 (0.24) 5.35 (2.11) large large
39 REGULAR 4.42 (1.74) 6.67 (0.24) 5.36 (2.11) large large
42 REGULAR 4.42 (1.74) 6.67 (0.24) 5.36 (2.11) large large
45 REGULAR 4.70 (1.85) 7.12 (0.25) 5.52 (2.17) extra large extra large
60 REGULAR 4.91 (1.93) 7.44 (0.26) 5.63 (2.22) extra large extra large


The rate charts provided in this catalog are meant to serve only as a guide for our customers to assist them in wick selection. Many variables exist in candle wax types, additives and formulations for individual candle systems. Final wick selection should always be confirmed through the customer’s own testing process to determine if a particular wick is the correct choice for a particular candle system. Aktins & Pearce is not responsible for selections made by the customer using any of the reference material contained in this catalog. For optimal burn performance in the specific candle systems, we strongly recommend that customers conduct exhaustive burn tests in their own burn lab and consider retaining samples for their future internal reference. The importance of candle testing and data validation cannot be overstated.

Candle Solutions

Candle manufacturers worldwide rely on our uncompromising wick quality and our expert wick team to ensure the optimal burn performance in their candle systems. We manufacture a diverse line of wicks to fit all types of candle constructions. Whether you are looking for a self-trimming wick, optimal fragrance throw, a consistent burn for non-paraffin waxes, or reduced smoking and carbon, Atkins & Pearce has a wick that will fit your need. With 14 wick lines containing over 165 standard wicks and endless customization options, we will help you determine which solution is correct for your candle system.

Candle System Optimization

With the extensive options for waxes, fragrances, dyes, and containers available in today’s candle market, Atkins & Pearce understands that a precise wick solution will be required to fit each distinct candle system.
To make wick selection as effective and efficient as possible for our clients, we offer free Candle System Optimization at our in-house candle lab. With this service, our wick experts will determine which wick will provide your candle system with optimal burn performance according to specifications you have laid out. We then test this wick in a sample group of your candles and provide you with performance results. With Atkins & Pearce Candle System Optimization, we will find your one best wick.

Customization & New Product Development

Candlewick is Atkins & Pearce’s oldest product. Atkins & Pearce wicks illuminated non-electric homes in post-Civil War America and today appear in candles worldwide. We have thrived for almost two centuries by developing innovative wicks to serve an ever-changing candle market.

We welcome the opportunity to modify wicks or develop wick solutions that fit your individual candle needs. We have collaborated often with customers to design exclusive and patentable wick solutions for candle systems.


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