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GLASS A-A-52083

Tapes, Cords, & Ropes

Flat braid manufactured from high tenacity, continuous filament glass yarn coated with Teflon before braiding.

Formerly known as MIL-T-43435 Type IV.

At Atkins & Pearce, we manufacture a selection of lacing tapes, lacing cords and braiding yarns that meet or exceed military specifications. From our 550,000 square foot ISO-certified facility in Covington, Kentucky, we manufacture and deliver standard mil-spec wire harnessing products, as well as design and manufacture custom solutions for leading manufacturers around the globe.

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  • Temperature Range: glass maintains strength and is stable to 800°F (427°C).
  • Mil-spec lacing tapes and cords are available with your choice of finish; see the table below for finishes options.


Download GLASS A-A-52083 Datasheet


Sizes Available

Mil-Spec Size Min. Break Strength (lbs.) Width (inches) Thickness (inches)
Min Max Min Max
1 200 0.203 0.248 0.013 0.019
2 100 0.099 0.121 0.013 0.019
3 75 0.077 0.094 0.013 0.019
4 50 0.054 0.066 0.013 0.019
5 40 0.045 0.055 0.013 0.019


Finishes Available

Finish Designation Finish
A No Finish
B Microcrystalline, Fungicidal Wax
C Synthetic Rubber or Elastomer
D Teflon
E Vinyl
F Silicone Resin
G Liquid Nylon
* Self-Extinguishing

Mil-Spec Size

1, 2, 3, 4, 5




A = No Finish, B = Microcrystalline, Fungicidal Wax, C = Synthetic Rubber or Elastomer, D = Teflon, E = Vinyl, F = Silicone Resin, G = Liquid Nylon


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