Engineered Braids

At Atkins & Pearce braiding is at our core. We started braiding candlewick during the Civil War and have been engineering technical braids ever since. With over 13,000 braiders across more than 16 carrier counts available, we have both the capacity and the diversity to develop the braid you need to get the job done!

An Expert in Engineering High-Performing Technical Textiles.


We understand how to get the most out of the materials we braid. By being vertically integrated and handling the pre-braiding processing steps ourselves, we can ensure the material is optimized through every step of the manufacturing process. With the combination of our fiber expertise and 150+ years of braiding know-how, there are few problems we can’t solve for you.

Markets Served



Electric Motors

Sporting Goods



Let us help you get the performance you deserve.

We’ve integrated in many various markets over the years. Let us share what we know so we can help you achieve top-notch performance.

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