Expandable Braided Sleeving

Your high-quality cables, wires, hoses, and wire assemblies operate in high-demand applications exposed to significant twisting, bending, abrasion, and other environmental stressors. Versatile and cost-effective sleeving solutions organize and protect those components to maximize their life spans and benefits. Atkins & Pearce can help your company achieve those goals as a leading manufacturer of expandable braided sleeving engineered to deliver exceptional performance, value, and aesthetics.

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  • Material Types: PET, ECTFE, Nylon, PEEK, PFA, and PPS
  • 10 families with various sizes available of our MONOFLEX® brand
  • 2 families with various sizes available of our ENCLOSE® brand
  • Flame Retardant and Fray Resistant options available
  • Color variety options available on many items
  • All items are halogen free and REACH and RoHS compliant

Atkins and Pearce's Monoflex®, Enclose®, and Flex-Tuff® logos