Precision Winding

Atkins & Pearce developed a proprietary winding technology that allows us to build braider packages with various tensioning, tapers, and sizes. Having specialized in materials with elongation, we have challenged our process to wind products without inducing catenary. We can also provide material on cones, larger tubes, reels, king spools, and many more.

As a braider, we understand the importance of good braider packaging.


Maximizing the amount of material on a braider package to increase efficiencies while minimizing common issues like sloughing, catenary, trapping, and over tensioning makes us an effective and efficient braider. We know the pain points and we have developed innovative technology to virtually eliminate these issues on the braider packages we produce, allowing you to be the most effective braider you can be. When quality and performance matter, we are the partner for you!

Atkins and Pearce Yellow Fiber Spool on Machine

Finish Winding

With many different types of winders at our disposal, we can put the material you need on the package that works best for you. We have processed, tubes, reels, cones, king spools and many more in both plastic and cardboard.

Let us help you get the performance you deserve.

We’re proud to share the benefits of our learned expertise over the years so we can help you achieve top-notch performance.

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