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I’ve tested my Wick Sample Kit that I bought online but none of the wicks work for my application, can you help?

We hate to hear that you haven’t had success finding the right wick and would be happy to help! Please contact our Sales & Marketing Team so we can learn a bit more about the specifics of your particular wick application and offer some alternatives or other recommendations. To do so, it’ll be helpful for our team to know (1) what type of candle system you are using, (2) what type of wax you’re using, and (3) what the diameter of your candle system is. Please include this information in your form submission.

Additionally, if you would prefer assistance over the phone, feel free to call 1-800-837-7477 during our standard business hours (Monday through Friday 7:30am EST – 4:30pm EST) for assistance from our Customer Service team.