Expandable Monofilament Braids

We are one of the World’s largest manufacturers of high quality braided monofilament sleeving. With expandability up to 150% of relaxed diameter, these sleeving products are perfect for wire-harnessing and cable management applications. Click our Armour Guard logo for more information.

Insulated Electrical Sleeving and Tubing

We are a leading manufacturer of coated electrical sleeving and tubing products. Our industry-respected brands are used by motor and transformer manufacturers across the globe. Select one of our brands to learn more.

Braided Candle Wick

Candle manufacturers worldwide rely on our uncompromising wick quality and our expert wick team. We manufacture a diverse line of wicks to fit all types of candle constructions and other wicking applications.

Engineered Braids

Our braids are the perfect solution for diverse applications including load-bearing, binding, abrasion protection, filtration and more. We can create complex braids with hybrid cores and custom engineered yarns.

Stator Lacing, Tie Cord and Surge Rope

We manufacture a wide selection of cords and tapes for electric motor stator lacing and VPI applications.

Coating Capabilities

Our post-processing coating capabilities allow customers to add secondary performance enhancements like color, slip control, ultra-violet light resistance, fungicide and chemical adhesion.

High Performance Fibers and Packaged Yarns

We are a full service yarn converter and work with a wide range of high-performance fibers. Our engineers leverage extensive knowledge to design unique solutions.

Lacing Tapes and Cords

We manufacture a selection of lacing tapes and cords for wire harnessing applications that meet military specifications.

Customized Solutions

We embrace the opportunity to customize products around your business needs. Our core competencies and refined processes allow us to meet requirements with focus and reliability.