Customized Solutions

Atkins & Pearce embraces the opportunity to customize products around your business needs. Our core competencies and refined customization process allows us to meet your individual requirements in a very focused way.


As your development partner, we begin by defining your project objectives and priorities. We want to hear exactly what you wish to accomplish. We then explore a range of customization options together and establish which ideas will move forward into development.


After exploring customization options, our Sales Team, Business Development Group, and Operations work together to produce prototypes and samples to the specifications, timeline, and volumes that you desire.


Atkins & Pearce provides technical support throughout your evaluation process. As you trial your initial prototypes, we communicate about testing results, costing, and performance. We discuss any desired adjustments for further samples.


When your customized solution is ready for market, Atkins & Pearce facilitates the transition from development to full-scale production. With a 550,000 sq ft facility and over 13,000 braiders, we have the capacity to handle continuous large-volume opportunities. Our vertically integrated manufacturing platforms allow us to control the production process from raw material to finished part. These competencies translate into cost efficiency and optimized supply chain for our clients.

Atkins & Pearce Core Competencies

High Performance Twist™ComminglingTight Winds
Twist and Plied YarnsBraider PackagesTubular Braiding
OverbraidsExtreme Diameter BraidsStrength Members
Functional CoatingsProtective SolutionsInsulation Solutions
Coated SolutionsExtruded Solutions

In-Depth Analytical Resources

  • Physical – fiber construction and geometric analysis, environmental conditions, accelerated UV testing, humidity chambers, moisture analyzers, voltage and dielectric evaluations and measures, microfiber manipulation, etc.
  • Chemical – thermal mechanical analyzer (TMA), differential scanning calorimeter, etc.
  • Mechanical – tensile testing (0-50,000 lbs.), abrasion testing, elongation, thermal resistance, creep, etc.

Industries & Markets We Have Partnered In

  • Medical
  • High Temperature Gaskets
  • Flame Retardants
  • Alternative Energy
  • Military Applications
  • Lightweight Braided Structural Beams
  • Agricultural Products
  • Power Conducting Cables
  • Mining and Drilling
  • Sewing Threads
  • Functional Coatings
  • Firefighter Protection
  • High Pressure Hoses
  • Hurricane and Storm Protection
  • High Strength Tether Cords

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